Five Questions for a Brand Check-Up

In honor of my attempt to cram as many Cadbury Mini-Eggs references as possible into my online content prior to Easter, this post will be short (like Mini-Eggs, which are obviously not tall) and sweet (self-evident).

Ok, candy has nothing to do with it. The real reason is that this is a Put On Your Thinking Cap post. My aim is to pose questions rather than suggest answers (“for a change!” adds the smart aleck in the back).

When I talk to clients, prospective clients, or a group about branding, I can see most people pausing, really pausing, to consider these questions when I ask them. Don’t be fooled by their apparent simplicity.

1. Does your product or service have a distinct brand identity?

2. Are all the other parts of your business–employees, goals, sales, marketing, customer service, etc.–reflecting that brand identity?

3. How do competitors see your brand?

4. Does your brand reflect where you want to be?

5. What do people say about your brand? Note on this one: This is Fly on the Wall Syndrome. Just today I overheard people talking about a local business (let’s call it Business Q. X gets all the attention when it comes to variables). They were complaining about something and one person remarked that it was “typical of Business Q.” I wondered if Business Q. had any idea what their customers were saying about their brand.

Takeaway: What? You want more? Kidding.

On the topic of Easter candy, as I posted on Facebook: How about those Peeps?

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